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DAY 1 - Salta to Cachi

We will depart from the city of Salta, traveling through the central part of the Lerma Valley and then entering the Sub-Andean Sierras. Here we will visit and admire the landscapes of the Quebrada de Escoipe and the Cuesta del Obispo. We will experience contrasts of landscapes and climates: we will go from the humid and exuberant jungles of the Yungas to the arid, cold and inhospitable Puna. During the ascent you can enjoy spectacular views, imposing hills and the majestic condor that watches over us from the sky. At Piedra del Molino we will reach the highest point, 3,457 meters above sea level and then we will descend towards the Tin-Tin Straight in Los Cardones National Park to finally reach Cachi. Once there, you will have time to visit its museum, church and you will have the opportunity to walk freely through its small streets. Then we will go to the magnificent accommodation at the Colomé farm.

Included services

  • FINCA COLOMÉ Buffet Breakfast Malbec Tasting at the Winery's Wine Bar: Estate, Autentico, El Arenal, LE La Brava.
  • James Turrell Museum – exclusive afternoon guest hours
  • Welcome Drink and Appetizer at Gaucho Bar
  • Lunch and/or Dinner according to a three-course plan of your choice (Includes two glasses of wine, a non-alcoholic drink and coffee or infusion per person) -
  • Meals will be available only for the day of check-in.


  • Stay for children under 12 years
  • extra charge activities
  • tips